Hi, my name is Andy.

I love the arts, music, technology, travel... like almost all writers, I have an inherent and vast curiosity. But I started my newsletter, THE MELT, because I realized — even among COVID, systemic racism, and abhorrent wealth inequality — climate change is the greatest, single threat to humanity. This is the most important issue. Full stop. And I want to spend the time I have using the skills I've developed to help educate, inspire, and champion change.

I am passionate about climate change and humanity’s effect on the planet and the *choice* that we have as a species to change our behavior and lifestyle to prevent widespread environmental catastrophes. There's still time! I believe that if more people understood our current trajectory and how our actions have significant consequences, we can still make a difference.

The Anthropocene is real, climate change is real, and there isn't a single person on this planet who won't be affected.

THE MELT is a combination of short-form news bites and longer-form essays on the Anthropocene and climate change. As a (paid) subscriber, you’ll receive dispatches focusing on tech, climate, work, science, and lifestyle, with a global context.

I hope you’ll choose to support my journey.

Thank you,

Andy P. Smith